Birthday Parties

Who doesn't love a great birthday party? Certainly not us! We've worked hard to put together a birthday party package that we know you'll love.

Local groups of 10?  We'll come to you! Machine, Friends, Clothing and Fun included.

In order to set up, we do require some space to put the machine and a standard household electrical outlet.

Price: Pricing is always a concern and we recognize that we live in world that needs flexibility. Send us a quick email and we would be happy to do what we can to work around your budget.

At this time we are only available for local-area parties. 
Area includes London, St. Thomas, Elgin-County, Middlesex and parts of Oxford Counties. 

"Fun Raising"

We personally have a long-standing history working with various groups and charities. Now with Bear Friend Factory we can offer direct programs to help raise funds for worthwhile causes or programs.

What Is it?

The Bear Friend Factory "Fun Raiser" Program is a Sales based program with a percentage of profits donated to the group or organization.  If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch!

Some information that helps us build your "Fun Raiser" project:

1. Your Name

2. Your Group Name

3. Your Location (address, and Postal/Zip Code)

4.  Number of People involved with the group

5.  Mission, Goal or Project

Our email address is confidential and we are happy to review any project that is sent to us.

Just a Note: Although we would like to assist everyone...we understand that it is not always possible to do so.  We do reserve the right to select based the information given, personal belief in the project/organization and availability of our company.

On The Road

Trade, Craft & Vendor Shows are how we got started!

Do you have a show that our bears would fit? We would love to come and meet you in person.  Let us know about your event with the below information:

1. Your Name & Contact

2. Event Name & Location

3. Brief History of the Event

4.  Expected Attendance

5.  Date & Hours

6. Cost and Requirements

If there is an opportunity to visit....we will be there.  Of course we just can't be everywhere but if we are available and we fit into the show....We would love to come visit you!